Kletterhalle "Planet Rock" (Madison Heights)

Kategorien: Sportklettern Bouldering
Adresse: Vereinigten Staaten, Madison Heights, 1103 W 13 Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Max Höhe: 15 m
Bereich der Wand: 2323 m²
Webseite: http://www.planet-rock.com
Beschreibung: Since 1994, Planet Rock has been providing world class indoor rock climbing. With creative wall design and innovative route setting, Planet Rock enables climbers of all ages and experience levels to love a sport that is like no other.

Over 25,000 square feet of climbing surface is available at each location. With walls up to heights of 50′ and routes up to 70′ long, our gyms cater to competitive and recreational climbers alike. Each gym also features unique climbing features such as the full-training areas and giant bouldering mushroom in Ann Arbor, and the 15 meter official competition speed climbing wall and ice climbing training area in Madison Heights.
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