Kletterhalle "Xiantong Sports Park Rock Climbing Area" (Shenzhen)

Kategorien: Sportklettern
Adresse: China, Shenzhen, Xiantong Sports Park, Liantang Wutong Mountain, Luohu District
Max Höhe: 15 m
Bereich der Wand: 500 m²
Arbeitszeit: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Kontakte: 6663 2603, 150 1285 8826
Beschreibung: Part of the Xiantong Sports Park, this wall features artificial climbing in a very natural environment. There is a waterfall about 100 m from the wall! The wall itself has seen better days. It was awesome once with a huge cave in the centre. Now only the left side is in use for top roping.
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Hinzugefügt: Jamie Halpin 08.03.2019

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