Climbing gym "Pure Bouldering Gym" (Colorado Springs)

Address: United States, Colorado Springs, 1401 South 8th Street
Description: Pure Bouldering Gym has created a spectacular climbing gym in an old church. Constructed with seamless birch walls to create slabs that flow into rolling walls that lead into a 38 foot over hanging cave. the walls are 16 feet high and the ballistic nylon padding is over a foot deep. Pure has a prized outdoor mushroom boulder used year round, measuring 20x30 around and 17 feet high. The outdoor boulder lets climbers enjoy the great Colorado outdoors but at convenient hours(lights and heat when needed). A training gym next door offers climbers a chance to get a full undisturbed workout with 2 degree --65 degree walls filled with holds,hang boards, campus boards, tru-fit rings, slacklines and free weights. Pure offers classes, parties and coaching.
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Added: 26.03.2015

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