Climbing gym "Vital Climbing Gym" (Murrieta)

Address: United States, Murrieta, 29990 Technology Drive, Suite 22
Description: Vital Climbing Gym is a 24 hour climbing gym. Our concept is fundamentally unique. We have built a place where experienced climbers can train, new climbers can learn, and everyone gets to know one another. We built Vital to be your gym. We let you choose the music. The equipment, books, espresso machine, and DVD player are yours to use. Our Crew is on duty from 11am to 9pm everyday to show you around the gym and help get you started. The rest of the time the gym is your gym. Become a member and we give you the keys to the front door. Staff leaves and the gym is yours. You may bring guests, use the WiFi or drafting table, and of course - climb. There is no better place to meet people, make friends, and plan trips together. If you have never been to Vital before, the first visit is free, and we'll be happy to show you around. We think you'll like it...
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Added: 26.03.2015