Climbing gym "River Rock Climbing Gym" (Roanoke)

Address: United States, Roanoke, 806 Wasena Ave.
Description: As a family friendly gym, we offer a fully equipped climbing facility with 4,500 square feet of bouldering wall and over 4,000 square feet of top rope and lead climbing, complete with 24 hanging ropes and 6 auto-belays. The bouldering area has an average height of 12 feet with a peak of 16 feet as well as a large top-out section. We have approximately 90 roped routes and 120 bouldering problems. Some services provided are: beginner lessons, belay courses, lead belay clinics, birthday parties, lock-ins, yoga classes, pilates classes, memberships, and climbing competitions.
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Added: 26.03.2015

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