Climbing gym "Bosheng at Garden City Shopping Center" (Shenzhen)

Climb types: Route
Address: China, Shenzhen, Nan Hai Avenue and Gong Ye 8th Road
Max Height: 17 m
Work Time: 15:00-22:00
Description: Near Shekou Walmart. Behind Decathlon. Green wall has up to 5, 5+ grades. Red walls are for more intermediate/advanced climbers.
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Added: Tigris De Folies 29.08.2016

Climbing gyms in this city

Blue Sky

Shenzhen, Luosha Highway No. 48, Jing'er Rd. Luohu

Route Speed
Area of wall: 3000 m²
Max Height: 12 m

Pasa Gym

Shenzhen, Fuqiang Rd. No. 2016, Futian

Area of wall: 56 m²
Max Height: 7 m


Shenzhen, Go straight forward 40m, Exit C, Metro Line 2 shen kang, Fu tian

Area of wall: 280 m²
Max Height: 4.7 m