Muro de escalada "Triangle Rock Club" (Morrisville)

Dirección: Estados Unidos, Morrisville, 102 Pheasant Wood Ct
Página web:
Descripción: TRC-Morrisville is home to one of three of the Southeast’s premier indoor climbing gyms and, with 55-foot walls, is the tallest and largest climbing gyms in five states! The facility offers 9,000 square feet of Eldorado climbing walls with 32 climbing lanes, PLUS an additional 17,000 sq.ft of terrain with 72 climbing lanes and a 14 ft. high, freestanding top-out bouldering, cross-training areas, cardio rooms, event space and more! TRC offers day passes, memberships, group visits, birthday parties, corporate events and more – all in a family-friendly-all-skills-welcome environment. Visit to learn more.
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Agregado: 26.03.2015