Muro de escalada "Blue Sky Futian" (Shenzhen)

Tipos de escalada: Ruta Boulder Velocidad
Nombre completo: Blue Sky at Futian Sports Park
Dirección: República Popular China, Shenzhen, Fuqiang Road No. 3030, Futian
Altura máxima: 15 m
Área del muro: 1300 m²
Horarios: Tuesday to Friday 14:00-22:00
Saturday to Sunday 09:00-22:00
Contactos: 13530343911
Descripción: The latest and greatest climbing wall in Shenzhen. Opened in February 2020. Outdoors in the Futian Sports Park. The bouldering area is about 40m wide and 4.5m tall. The small wall is about 7m tall and 40m wide with 10 autobelays. The main wall is 15m tall and 25m wide with 2 autobelays. The remainder of the main wall is bolted for lead. There are no top ropes. Private teaching is not allowed. The staff is friendly and speak some English.

Take the metro to Shangsha Station. Go out exit E and proceed southeast. Enter through the south gate of Futian Sports Park. Go straight ahead between the two buildings then go right toward the field. Go between the grandstand and the building that you just passed on your right. Once you enter the field, the wall is on your right. Washrooms are under the grandstand in the third pillar.
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Agregado: Jamie Halpin 25.11.2020

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