Скалодром «Nerd Cave Shekou» (Шэньчжэнь)

Тип: Боулдеринг
Полное название: Nerd Cave Climbing Gym (Shekou Branch)
Адрес: Китай, Шэньчжэнь, Gongye 6th Road Quanchuang 101 F3, 308, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Макс. высота: 4 м
Площадь стен: 160 м²
Время работы: every day 13:00-22:00
Контакты: +86 135 3019 3517
Описание: Very similar to the other Nerd Cave. Same good routes but with sadly smooth textureless panels. From Shuiwan Station exit C, head north on Shuiwan Road to Nanhai Avenue where you take a dog leg to the right and end up on Gongye 6th Road. The gym is in a hip retro complex. There is clear signage at the street and inside directing you to the gym on the 3rd floor. Lots of beers on tap in the first floor bar for apres climbing.
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Добавил: Jamie Halpin 10.08.2019

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