Скалодром «Steep Part» (Гаага)

Адрес: Нидерланды, Гаага, Waldorpstraat 15, nabij Hollands Spoor
Веб-сайт: http://www.deklimmuur.nl/
Описание: In a cozy and safe environment you can learn to climb with us. As a beginner, we help you get started in making acquaintance with mountaineering. You can find a beginners course in four classes, but also a one-time introductory. Children from the age of 8 often celebrate their child's birthday party with us. You can then take a cake yourself, and you can order from us pancakes at the end. And the children go home with a real certificate! children, who often want to climb there is the youth course of four lessons. And then they can move on to our own children. course the more experienced sport climber feels at home with us. Our walls range from side-walls to spectacular roofs and overhangs to a height of twenty meters!
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Скалодромы в этом городе

Klimmuur Den Haag

Гаага, Sport Complex De Uithof, Jaap Edenweg 10