Climbing gym "High Wall" (Moscow)

Climb types: Route Bouldering
Address: Russia, Moscow, Vorotynskaya, 18
Max Height: 17 m
Work Time: Рабочие дни: с 14:00 до 22:00
Выходные дни: с 11:00 до 22:00
Contacts: +7-903-965-08-04
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Added: Roman Meier 09.05.2015

Climbing gyms in this city

Red Point

Moscow, Vyatskaya dom 27, korpus 12

Route Bouldering Speed Dry-tooling
Max Height: 12.5 m

Sokolinaya skala

Moscow, Park «Sokoljniki», 3-i Luchevoi prosek, ryadom s tennisnymi kortami

Route Bouldering Speed
Area of wall: 500 m²
Max Height: 15 m
Shkola № 610

Moscow, ul. Sretenka, d. 20

Area of wall: 66 m²
Max Height: 7 m