Climbing gym "Uchebnyi Centr "Professional"" (Moscow)

Address: Russia, Moscow, ul.Akademika Skryabina, 9, str.4
Max Height: 6.5 m
Area of wall: 75 m²
Work Time: будни 16.00-21.00
вых. 12:00-18:00
Contacts: +7-903-785-45-46
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Added: 16.02.2015

Climbing gyms in this city


Moscow, Lesnoryadskii pereulok,18/6

Route Bouldering
Area of wall: 800 m²
Max Height: 10 m


Moscow, ul. Polbina, d.6

Area of wall: 100 m²
Max Height: 4.2 m
Shkola № 1259

Moscow, Monetchikovskii per., d. 7

Area of wall: 69 m²
Max Height: 6 m