Climbing gym "TRC Belaya dacha" (Moscow)

Address: Russia, Moscow, MKAD 14 km, 1
Max Height: 16 m
Description: Бесплатно, во время работы центра
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Added: 18.02.2015

Climbing gyms in this city

Sportkompleks RGUFKSiT

Moscow, Sirenevyi b-r, d.4

Area of wall: 93 m²
Max Height: 8 m
Skala Siti

Moscow, Kutuzovskii prospekt, dom 36, stroenie 3

Area of wall: 437 m²
Max Height: 12.2 m

Moscow, ul. Uraljskaya, d. 19A

Area of wall: 40 m²
Max Height: 8 m